Trait panopticon_core::disassembler::Architecture [] [src]

pub trait Architecture: Clone {
    type Token: Not<Output = Self::Token> + Clone + Zero + One + Debug + NumCast + BitOr<Output = Self::Token> + BitAnd<Output = Self::Token> + Shl<usize, Output = Self::Token> + Shr<usize, Output = Self::Token> + PartialEq + Eq + Send + Sync;
    type Configuration: Clone + Send;
    fn prepare(
        _: &Region,
        _: &Self::Configuration
    ) -> Result<Vec<(&'static str, u64, &'static str)>>;
fn decode(
        _: &Region,
        _: u64,
        _: &Self::Configuration
    ) -> Result<Match<Self>>; }

CPU architecture and instruction set.

Associated Types

Unsigned integer type. This is tells [Disassembler] whenever mnemonics are read byte or word wise.

This type can describes the CPU state. For x86 this would be the mode, for ARM whenever Thumb is active.

Required Methods

Given a memory image and a configuration the functions extracts a set of entry points.


Tuples of entry point name, offset form the start of the region and optional comment.

Start to disassemble a single Opcode inside a given region at a given address.