Module panopticon_core::mnemonic [] [src]

A Mnemonic is a single CPU instruction.

The consist of an opcode, a number of arguments, and a sequence of RREIL instructions descibing the mnemonic semantics.

Mnemonics are CPU specific and Panopticon models them as simple as possible. Opcode are only strings and the operands only a list of RREIL values. In order to display the mnemonics correctly on the front-end mnemonics come with a format string. These tell Panopticon whenever a operand is a pointer or a value. They look like this: {c:ram}, {u}.

This formats the first operand as a code pointer into the "ram" and the second as an unsigned value. Other formattings are {d:<region>} for data pointer into and {s} for signed values.



A non-empty address range [start,end).


A single Mnemonic.



Internal to Mnemonic