Struct panopticon_core::mnemonic::Mnemonic [] [src]

pub struct Mnemonic {
    pub area: Bound,
    pub opcode: String,
    pub operands: Vec<Rvalue>,
    pub instructions: Vec<Statement>,
    pub format_string: Vec<MnemonicFormatToken>,

A single Mnemonic.


Range of bytes the mnemonic occupies

Opcode part


RREIL code implementing the mnemonic

Describes how the operands need to be printed


impl Mnemonic


Create a new mnemonic code.


The size of this instruction mnemonic, in bytes

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for Mnemonic


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impl PartialEq for Mnemonic


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impl Eq for Mnemonic

impl Debug for Mnemonic


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