Struct panopticon_core::region::World [] [src]

pub struct World {
    pub dependencies: RegionGraph,
    pub root: RegionRef,

A set of Regions

All Regions of a Project are collected into a World structure. The Regions in a World can overlap. Unlike Layers, overlapping Regions do not map Cells one-to-one. The overlapping Region has a different size than the area it overlaps. Also, iterating over the overlapped part will not yield Cells from the overlapping Region. For example, a compressed file inside a Region would be overlapped with a new, larger Region that holds the result after decompression. A Program inside the overlapped Region would still see only the compressed version.


< Graph of all Regions with edges pointing from the overlapping to the overlapped Region.

Lowest Region in the stack.


impl World


Creates a new World with a single Region reg


Vector of all Region in self and their uncovered area

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impl Debug for World


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